Electrodes, Accessories & Spare Parts

Various electrodes to match any application. A wide range of products for both benchtop and portable systems are available, ncluding easy and reliable standard models,

Portable pH/Water Quality Meter LAQUAact

pH/ORP/Ion/Conductivity/Dissolved Oxygen - In the lab, in the field or anywhere you need it. Designed for use with one hand and with an IP67 waterproof rating and shock-resistant casing,

Benchtop pH/Water Quality Analyzer LAQUA

pH/ORP/Ion/Conductivity Stress-free measurement, high-end model. Water quality analysis is repeatedly performed in laboratories on a daily basis. Our high-end benchtop model was

Compact Water Quality Meter LAQUAtwin

pH/Ion/Conductivity/Salt Your lab-in-a-pocket. HORIBA's unique compact meter integrates the electrode, display and sample container to enable simple, effective on-site testing by direct